For Columbia Heights'
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A06



Born in D.C. at Howard University Hospital, Judson has spent his career focusing on equity in the criminal justice system, healthcare, and large-scale project management. 

After law school Judson moved to Chicago to represent the victims of crime, primarily focusing on abused and neglected children. He later moved back to D.C. to increase access to healthcare for people with mental health and substance use disorders. He now project manages an LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group at a large corporation. 

Judson believes Columbia Heights is a special place with a diverse population that deserves more access to green spaces, reduced policing and increased social services, access to public transportation, economic opportunities that include its current residents, and top-tier public education. 

Judson lives in Columbia Heights with his partner Brock and an ever-increasing number of house plants. He loves cars, music, and meeting new people.

Join Judson in building a community for everyone.