Columbia Heights is one of the most populated neighborhoods in D.C. Unfortunately there are fewer than 3 acres of green space for its 18,000 residents. 

As a member of the ANC, Judson will work to increase places where our residents are able to go outside and enjoy nature. 

Judson believes that public spaces are important to the future of a community.

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Judson has an extensive background in public health, having worked at both the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association. 

He believes that access to care is fundamental for the health of a community, and that it should be rooted in the realities of the people needing to be served.

Judson is a proponent of needle exchange programs, free or reduced-cost mental health services, and safer sex initiatives.​

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Judson once served as an attorney in child welfare court and truly believes that children are the most important asset a community has.

We should be investing as much as possible in public education, allowing children from all socioeconomic statuses to have a chance to develop into intelligent, well-educated adults. 

Judson believes that children gain from integrated schools where they learn of cultures other than their own, and that D.C. owes its children every opportunity possible. 

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Ease of access to Columbia Heights is key to allowing its residents to accept employment outside of the area, allowing for economic growth of our residents and the rest of the city. 

Judson believes that busses, trains, protected bike lanes, and common sense traffic patterns serve as a lifeblood to the neighborhood. 

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